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Global Mediation and Reconciliation Services

Presentations and Implementations

  1. "Celebration of the Children of the World", 1992, United Nations (Masters Thesis Project. Unpublished Masters Thesis, Lesley College, Cambridge, MA, 1993). Uniting the UN community and building solidarity for the plight of street children, across all divisions
  2. "A Global Liturgy", Parliament of the Worlds Religions, Chicago, ILL, 1993. Addressing the "unconscious" side of religion through a reconciliation event (with The Rev. Dr. Jean Wright).
  3. "Revisioning the Relationship between Man and Woman" Seminar Series, Cambridge and New York, 1994-95. (With Dr. Joseph Baratta)
  4. "A Peacebuilding Process: Healing the Whole Through Its Parts". Harvard University School of Public Health's Individual Conference on Violence, Human Rights and Health, Boston, MA, April 9, 1994. (with Patrice Brodeur, Ph.D.)
  5. "International Cooperation: Its Roots in Individual Responsibility". Consultations with Academics and Non-Governmental Organization Representatives in New York and Cambridge. Paper presented at Comparative and International Education Society Conference on Global Education, 1995 (with Dr. Joseph Baratta)
  6. "The Interrelationship between Individual and State for Peacebuilding." Paper presented at International Institute for Peace, Vienna, Austria. Agenda for Peace and NGOs Conference, Vienna 1994. Building solidarity and mobilization on Int'l NGOs working in conflict and reconciliation
  7. Two consultations in severely conflicted parishes in the Diocese of Massachusetts, 1994. Teaching interpersonal and systemic conflict resolution as a way to build institutional responsibility for social and political action. One nine-month and one three-month consultation
  8. Co-facilitator, "The Role of Philanthropy in an Emerging Civil Society" at CIVICUS: World Alliance of Citizen Participation, Mexico City, 1995. With Dr. Joseph Baratta.
  9. Facilitator, Board Member, Task Force Chair: Ten conferences in partnership with John F. Kennedy Library, Dorchester, MA and Cambridge-based Coalition for a Strong United Nations: "Peacemaking and Peacekeeping", "International Business", "The Role of the Secretary-general", "Social and Economic Development", "The Environment", "Global Governance", "Human Rights", "Habitat Conference Town Meeting", "Re-Forming the United Nations", "Beijing Preparation" (1994-1999)
  10. "The Children's Torch of Hope" from the World Summit for Children at Re-forming the United Nations Conference: Towards Humane Global Society, Kennedy Library, November 1995. Support for Senate Resolution 70, Convention for the Rights of the Child and Strengthening families as a part of the reconstruction of society
  11. "A Peacebuilding Process of Reconciliation: Celebration of Children and Families." Paper published in proceedings: Re-Imagining the Urban Environment Conference: Building Collaborative Relationships in the Inner Cities, Buffalo, NY, October 1995. Adapted UN facilitation process to inner city reconciliation
  12. "Toward a Culture of Peace: Healing the Whole Through Its Parts Through a Global Ethic", with Paulette Vigeant. Bringing UNESCO work together with the Parliament of the Worlds Religions to strengthen A Global Ethic.
  13. Faneuil Hall, Boston Event,  for Fourth of July Weekend On the same Fourth of July weekend Bostonians celebrated with simulated "bombs bursting in air," 74 organizations from Greater Boston (with endorsements from the United Nations community) delivered their visions for peace on Sunday, July 7, 1996
  14. The International Business Task Force work alongside Codes of Conduct Task Force, CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation. Engendering a dialogue with business for social responsibility and sustainability, at the UN and with civil society organizations and policy makers to set a minimum standard for accountability of local and global actions. Presentations to Secretary-general's Office on the role of civil markets, 1996.
  15. "Ending Racism in Boston" with Dr. Patricia Walker, Harvard Business School A needs assessment and strategic planning process. 1997.
  16. Consultation on the role of citizen participation to abolish war. Cambridge Friends Center, Cambridge, MA., 1997.
  17. Speaker at Pacem in Terris Society of the United Nations and consultations in New York to begin the Global Mediation and Reconciliation Service (1998) (Invited).
  18. Co-Convenor, Rwanda Project Presented at the American Psychological Association annual conference in the Ethnogenide Division (funded by Anglican UN, Office) August 1999.
  19. Event coordinator and Speaker, Reception of "One Thousand Years of Peace", Sculpture, Exhibit, United Nations, Delegates Entrance, 1999.
  20. Facilitator, Dialogue in Boston Project to End Violence with Ex-Yugoslavia Refugees from Kosovar, Serbian, Bosnian communities.
  21. The Hague Appeal for Peace. Proposal that innovative approaches to diplomacy, including adding reconciliation to Chapter 33, pacific settlement, by both professional and non-governmental practitioners could be tested and integrated into the United Nations System to strengthen the United Nations response to violent conflict. (Funded by Lyman Fund and Episcopalian Funds).
  22. Facilitator, Genocide Consultation with peacemakers in conflict from 10 African countries in the Great Lakes Region, Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, VA (funded by Lyman).
  23. Virginia Swain, UNDP Consultant, UN Mindanao Peace Project, Philippines, International Organization of Migration
  24. Virginia Swain, Presenter, Women and Peace: War, Resistance and Justice, The Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, Juniata College, 1999 (Invited).
  25. Joseph Baratta and Virginia Swain, invited panelists, "The United Nations in Ten Years, The United Nations in 100 Years" at the State of the World Forum, San Francisco, September 30-October 2, 1999
  26. Copenhagen Social and Economic Summit Five-Year Review. Worked with governments for inclusion of global education in text, United Nations, NY, 2000. (Funded by Lyman Foundation)
  27. Millennium Forum, United Nations, for nongovernmental organizations. Proposed permanent commissions for the Security Council and the General Assembly to fulfill the function of mediation, good offices and conciliation to promote pacific settlement 2000.
  28. The Arab Israeli Conflict: Scriptural Passages from the Three Religions of the Book, An Asking the People Inquiry Process on the Arab Israeli Conflict
  29. Imaging a World Where Conflict Prevention is an effort jointly shared by states and peoples, United Nations 2001-2010.
  30. Imaging the Success of the Millenium Development Goals 2005-Present.
  31. Reconsiliation leaders for Sustainable Development. UN Interagency Framework Team for Preventive Action Hosted by: UNDP, Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery A Framework of UN agencies, programmes, funds, departments and offices to coordinate integrated initiatives for early preventive action 2012.
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