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A Poem For Virginia and Joseph
by Wayne Nalbandian

You will learn that peace is a journey
through uncertain countries
of necessity you will take the first step alone
and companions will appear at each turn
know that there will be storms
when thunder sounds, claim it
embrace the rain and the hail
revel in the wind

There will be a voice
It will not be your voice but it will sing with yours
both of your steps will sound in unison

When you begin this journey have no illusion
that the road is smooth or safe
you will hear the news at every station
there is war, there is violence there is bigotry
that will intrude on the silence
and wait for you in every country
in many forms, always the same form

But know
that in taking the road you defy all of this
and make it smooth for the next traveler
you will both make a difference for many

Peace is a journey
all of us are called to take


© 2012