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Global Mediation and Reconciliation Service

  • Hostess and Producer, Imagine Worcester and the World
  • Presenter, A Proposed Global Mediation and Reconciliation Service with Michiko Kuroda, at the Human Dignity and Humiliation Network, Columbia University, New York City. Friday, December 12, 2008.
  • Instructor, Creating Interventions to Reverse and Revision Climate Change and Create a Sustainable Peace: Connecting Climate Change, Peace, Human Rights and Universal Values, United Nations, New York, June 4-6, 2007, February 20-22, 2008, April 21-24, 2008, August 18-21, 2008.  Sustainable development addressing Millennium Development Goal.
  • Culture of Peace Initiative
  • Presenter, Designing and Implementing Interventions for Community, Institutional and Global Change. Patron: Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States, Mon.-Wed., June 4-6, 2007; Subject: Poverty MDG
  • Co-Presenter, The Change Café (, The Worcester Organization Development Learning Group, Tuesday, May 9, 2007 at the Fallon Clinic.
  • A Global Liturgy
  • A Conflict Prevention Mechanism
  • Asking the People Inquiry Process
  • Celebration of the Children of the World: A Model for Building Global Community
  • Mindanao, Philippines Project
  • Refugees from ex-Yugoslavia Project
  • The Rwanda Project
  • “Establishing a Professional Mediation and Reconciliation Service:  Building a World Security System to Transform 21st Century Challenges,” Hague Appeal Proceedings, The Netherlands, 1999.
  • “The United Nations, Servant Leadership and a Peacebuilding Institute,” in Boston Research Center for the 21st Century, Abolishing War, November 1998.
  • Facilitator, Earth Charter Consultation Process, trained by Global Education Associates,1997.
  • Co-Facilitator, “A Global Liturgy,” Parliament of the World’s Religions, 1995.
  • The Interrelationship of Individual and State Cooperation for Peacebuilding,” International Institute for Peace, Agenda for Peace and NGOs Conference, Vienna, 1995.
  • “A Response to the Report of the Commission on Global Governance,” U.N. Renaissance Conference, Boston Research Center for the 21st Century, 1995.
  • “The Way of Peace:  How One Person Can Make a Difference toward World Peace,” presentation, 1995.
  • Author and Presenter, "The Peacebuilding Process of Reconciliation," published in selected referred proceedings of the Second National Conference on Urban Issues: Re-Imagining the Urban Environment: Strengthening Collaborative Relationships in the Inner City, State University at Buffalo, 1994.
  • “Peacekeeping,” World Federalist Association, Global Structures Conference, Washington, DC, 1994.
  • Participant, Working group of scholars/practitioners with Dr. Herbert Kelman. Program on Conflict Resolution and Analysis (PICAR) Center For International Affairs, Harvard University, 1994.
  • Author and Presenter, "The Interrelationship of Individual and State Cooperation for Peacebuilding." Agenda for Peace and NGOS, Baden, Austria, May 1994.
  • Designer and Facilitator, Debriefing for Earth Summit Participants, United Nations, New York, July 1993.
  • Co-convenor, NGO Working Group on Financing Agenda 21, Commission on Sustainable Development, United Nations, June 1993.
  • Co-facilitator, Bringing Ethics to the Decision Making Process, United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, Global Forum, Rio de Janeiro, June 1992.
  • Presenter, The Role of Philanthropy in the Emerging Civil Society, with Joseph Baratta, CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation, First World Assembly, Mexico City, 1995.
  • Published “Report on the Earth Summit,” Connecticut Forest and Parks Association Newsletter, 1992, one of the groups sponsoring Virginia Swain at the United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development
  • Inroduction of Secretariat and Public to DH Meditation Room since 1991.
  • Plenary speaker, MIT conference on United Nations Social and Economic Development Summit, 1990-98.







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